About Us

Hello there,

 My name is Victoria. How exciting to have you here!

Our intention at ecological-toys is to bring you the best of wooden toys with the environment in mind. My family has been collaborating with Czech local wooden toy manufacturers for 25 years. My father Hamish was one of the first to introduce traditional Czech toys to the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, where they've become very popular. His experience has been carried over to me and that's how ecological-toys was born.

Since I'm a younger generation, that grew up after the 1990s, and we are currently facing an environmental crisis, I've decided to sell only natural products that are 100% certified (FSC). Wooden toys are by far the best choice when looking for a present and they are a solution to keeping the planet less polluted.


The production of our toys has its consequences, as well as other industries. Our mission is to be one step ahead and keep the environment in mind in business matters as well as in our personal lives. Therefore, we want to donate a portion of our profit to NGOs planting trees and support the expansion of greenery in cities. We are currently researching NGOs, local and global. Our goal is to plant a tree for each order. We need to support reforestation to lower carbon emissions.

If you are a part of a group or know someone (NGO or group of people), who is planting trees, please do let us know by email! Thank you for thinking about the future on this planet of ours.

Every toy is hand picked by my family and I. By this we support and encourage the development of wooden toy-making in our beautiful country.
My wish is, that every toy, that is no longer being played with, will be handed over to another child, and in this way, it'll become a part of a never ending cycle. Ultimately, each toy will carry wonderful memories and it will have a purpose.


Thank you for your support.


Victoria x